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Business Management

As Business Managers, Gunter and Associates, Inc. has assisted clients in deal negotiations, personal and professional  financial matters such as estate planning, tax compliance and timely disbursement of funds. We have served our entertainment clients as to timely collection of royalties, fees earned from merchandising deals, production deals and concerts. Our tour accounting department can travel, as necessary, with our clients to assure that their financial interests are not compromised. In addition, we can set up entertainment corporations such as production companies, record labels, and publishing companies and advise on the proper structure. 

Gunter and Associates, Inc. clientele consists of recording artist, songwriters, producers, screenplay writers, production companies, studio designers and road managers. The firm also handles many individuls that serve as the behind-the-scenes staff.

Most importantly, Gunter and Associates, Inc. has helped many talented artists gain the respect needed for success in the highly competitive entertainment industry.